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  Author Title Year Publication (up) Keywords Volume Pages Links
Liu, Linda Occult Anxieties and the Recessionary Imainary in theParanormal ActivityFranchise 2015 Camera Obscura Paranormal Activity; Economy; Anxiety; 90 (30.3) 61-91 details   openurl
Dominguez, Pier “I'm Very Rich, Bitch!”: The Melodramatic Money Shot and the Excess of Racialized Gendered Affect in theReal HousewivesDocusoaps 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Real Housewives; Race; Affect; 88 (30.1) 155-183 details   openurl
Feuer, Jane “Quality” Reality and the Bravo Media Reality Series 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Quality TV; 88 (30.1) 185-195 details   openurl
Warner, Kristen J. The Gon' Think You Loud Regardless: Ratchetness, Reality Television, and Black Womanhood 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Race; 88 (30.1) 129-153 details   openurl
Kavka, Misha Sex on the Shore: Care and the Ethics of License in Jersey Shore 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Jersey Shore; Ethics; Sexuality; 88 (30.1) 101-127 details   openurl
Hargraves, Hunter (TV) Junkies in Need of anIntervention: On Addictive Spectatorship and Recovery Television 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Recovery Television; Specatorship; 88 (30.1) 71-99 details   openurl
Lynn Jones, Jennifer; Weber, Brenda R.; Reality Moms, Real Monsters: Transmediated Continuity, Reality Celebrity, and the Female Grotesque 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Grotesque; Motherhood; 88 (30.1) nov-39 details   openurl
Litwack, Michael Making Television Live: Mediating Biopolitics in Obesity Programming 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Obesity programming; Biopolitic; 88 (30.1) 41-69 details   openurl
Joyrich, Lynne; Kavka, Misha; Weber, Brenda R. Project Reality TV: Preshow Special 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Feminist Theory; 88 (30.1) 01-set details   openurl
Smit, Alexia Care, Shame, and Intimacy: Reconsidering the Pleasures of Plastic Surgery Reality Television 2014 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Pleasure; Intimacy; 86 (29.2) 59-83 details   openurl
Richards, Jill Berlin Alexanderplatz's Serial Women 2013 Camera Obscura Berlin Alexanderplatz; Female Characters; 84 (28.3) mar-84 details   openurl
Kustritz, Anne Breeding Unity:Battlestar Galactica's Biracial Reproductive Futurity 2012 Camera Obscura Battlestar Galactica; Race; Reproduction; 81 (27.3) gen-37 details   openurl
Fan, Victor The Poetics of Addiction: Stardom, “Feminized” Spectatorship, and Interregional Business Relations in theTwilightSeries 2012 Camera Obscura Twilight; Stardom; Spectatroship; 79 (27.1) 31-67 details   openurl
Burns, Christy L. Erasure: Alienation, Paranoia, and the Loss of Memory inThe X-Files 2000 Camera Obscura X-Files; Memory; Paranoia; US; 1993-2002. 2016- 45 (15.3) 194-219 details   openurl
Wlodarz, Jow Maximum Insecurity: Genre Trouble and Closet Erotics in and out of HBO'sOz 2005 Camera Obscura Oz; Genre; Closet Erotics; US; 1997-2003 58 (20.1) 59-105 details   openurl
Hendershot, Heather The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: FromBuffy the Vampire SlayertoDr. 90210 2006 Camera Obscura TV series; Gender studies; US; 61 (21.1) 47-51 details   openurl
Nakamura, Lisa Interfaces of Identity: Oriental Traitors and Telematic Profiling in24 2009 Camera Obscura 24; Identity; Race; US; 2001-2014 70 (24.1) 109-133 details   openurl
Maitra, Ani Why Isn't Michelle Lopez onJudge Judy? Citizenship and Televisuality in Hima B.'sAnd I Do Survive 2010 Camera Obscura And I Do Survive; Citizenship; 74 (25.2) 183-195 details   openurl
Orr Vered, Karen; McConchie, John; The Politics of Third Way TV:Supernannyand the Commercialization of Public Service TV 2011 Camera Obscura Supernanny; Public Service TV; 77 (26.2) 33-63 details   openurl
Szostak, Sylwia Imitation, Borrowing, Recycling. American Models and Polish Domestic Drama 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Transnationalism; Poland; XII/19 73-92 details   openurl
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