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  Author Title Year Publication Keywords (up) Volume Pages Links
Nakamura, Lisa Interfaces of Identity: Oriental Traitors and Telematic Profiling in24 2009 Camera Obscura 24; Identity; Race; US; 2001-2014 70 (24.1) 109-133 details   openurl
Maitra, Ani Why Isn't Michelle Lopez onJudge Judy? Citizenship and Televisuality in Hima B.'sAnd I Do Survive 2010 Camera Obscura And I Do Survive; Citizenship; 74 (25.2) 183-195 details   openurl
Kustritz, Anne Breeding Unity:Battlestar Galactica's Biracial Reproductive Futurity 2012 Camera Obscura Battlestar Galactica; Race; Reproduction; 81 (27.3) gen-37 details   openurl
Richards, Jill Berlin Alexanderplatz's Serial Women 2013 Camera Obscura Berlin Alexanderplatz; Female Characters; 84 (28.3) mar-84 details   openurl
Stenger, Josh The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom whenBufy the Vampire SlayerGoes to eBay 2006 Cinema Journal Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Costumes; Fandom Studies; 45.4 26-44 details   openurl
Wang, Shujen Recontextualizing Copyright: Piracy, Hollywood, the State, and Globalization 2003 Cinema Journal Cinema; Copyright; Piracy; 43.1 25-43 details   openurl
The Light Brigade The Filmic Experience: A Map 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Cinema; Experience; 11 65-68 details   openurl
Schneider, Alexandra The Cinema Is the Theater, the School and the Newspaper of Tomorrow>>: Writing the History of Cinema's Mobility 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Cinema; History; 11 57-64 details   openurl
Hagener, Malte Where Is Cinema (Today)? The Cinema in the Age of Media Immanence 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Cinema; Media immanence; 11 15-22 details   openurl
Aslinger, Ben Clueless about Listening Formations? 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Audience; 53.3 126-131 details   openurl
Hunting, Kyra Furiously Franchised:Clueless, Convergence Culture, and the Female-Focused Franchise 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Franchise; 53.3 145-151 details   openurl
Lenos, Melissa Introduction:Clueless 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Franchise; 53.3 123-126 details   openurl
Ieppert, Alice Can I Please Give You Some Advice?Cluelessand the Teen Makeover 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Teen Studies; 53.3 131-137 details   openurl
O'Meara, Jennifer “We've Got to Work on Your Accent and Vocabulary”: Characterization throguh Verbal Style inClueless 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Verbal Style; 53.3 138-145 details   openurl
Klastrup, Lisbeth; Tosca, Susana; Transmedial Worlds: Rethinking Cyberworld Design 2004 Proceedings CW '04 Cyberworlds; Transmediality; 409-416 details   openurl
Casetti, Francesco The Last Supperin Piazza della Scala 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Devices; Relocation; 2000- 11 lug-14 details   openurl
Tralli, Lucia There's Nothing Like an English Summer, Is There? Except and English Winter. Downton Abbey, A British Cult TV Series and Its Fandom 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Downton Abbey; Fandom Studies; XII/19 61-72 details   openurl
Shapiro, Stephen Homeland's Crisis of Middle-Class Transformation 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; 54.4 152-158 details   openurl
Negra, Diane; Lagerwey, Jorie; AnalyzingHomeland: Introduction 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; 54.4 126-131 details   openurl
Steenberg, Lindsay; Tasker, Yvonne; “Pledge Allegiance”: Gendered Surveillance, Crime Television, andHomeland 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; Crime TV; Gender Studies; 54.4 132-138 details   openurl
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