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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Keywords Volume Pages Links
Agger, Gunhild Nordic Noir on Television:The Killing I-III 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Nordic Noir; Production; Scandinavia; 2000- XII/19 39-50 details   openurl
Aslinger, Ben Clueless about Listening Formations? 2014 Cinema Journal Clueless; Audience; 53.3 126-131 details   openurl
Bennett, James Television Studies Goes Digital 2008 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 47.3 158-165 details   openurl
Bevan, Alex The National Body, Women, and Mental Health in Homeland 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; Gender Studies 54.4 145-151 details   openurl
Boddy, William In Focus: The Place of Television Studies 2005 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 45.1 79-82 details   openurl
Boisvert, Stéfany La Notion de qualité télévisuelle dans la production fictionelle britannique 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Quality TV; UK XII/19 51-60 details   openurl
Brundson, Charlotte Is Television Studies History? 2008 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 47.3 127-137 details   openurl
Brundson, Charlotte Introduction – In Focus: The Place of Television Studies: A View from the British Midlands 2008 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 47.3 122-127 details   openurl
Burns, Christy L. Erasure: Alienation, Paranoia, and the Loss of Memory inThe X-Files 2000 Camera Obscura X-Files; Memory; Paranoia; US; 1993-2002. 2016- 45 (15.3) 194-219 details   openurl
Butler, Jeremy Statistical Analysis of Television Style: What Can Numbers Tell Us about TV Editing? 2014 Cinema Journal TV; TV Editing; Statistical Analysis; TV Style; 54.1 25-44 details   openurl
Caldwell, John Thornton Welcome to the Viral Future of Cinema (Television) 2005 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 45.1 90-97 details   openurl
Casetti, Francesco The Last Supperin Piazza della Scala 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Devices; Relocation; 2000- 11 lug-14 details   openurl
Castonguay, James Fictions of Terror: Complexity, Complicity and Insecurity inHomeland 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; Terror TV; 54.4 139-145 details   openurl
D'Aloia, Adriano Virtual Screens. The Relocation of Cinema inSecond Life 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Second Life; Relocation; 11 49-56 details   openurl
De Rosa, Miriam To Look, To Wander: Cinema in Installations 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Installations; 11 31-40 details   openurl
Diego, Patricia; del Mar Grandío, María; The Production of TV Fiction Adaptations in Spain (1950-2012) 2012 Cinéma & Cie. TV Fiction; Adaptations; Spain; '1950-2012 XII/19 105-116 details   openurl
Dominguez, Pier “I'm Very Rich, Bitch!”: The Melodramatic Money Shot and the Excess of Racialized Gendered Affect in theReal HousewivesDocusoaps 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Real Housewives; Race; Affect; 88 (30.1) 155-183 details   openurl
Dusi, Nicola Remaking as a Practice: Some Problems of Transmediality 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Remake; Transmediality; XII/18 115-130 details   openurl
Fan, Victor The Poetics of Addiction: Stardom, “Feminized” Spectatorship, and Interregional Business Relations in theTwilightSeries 2012 Camera Obscura Twilight; Stardom; Spectatroship; 79 (27.1) 31-67 details   openurl
Feuer, Jane “Quality” Reality and the Bravo Media Reality Series 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Quality TV; 88 (30.1) 185-195 details   openurl
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