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  Author (down) Title Year Publication Keywords Volume Pages Links
Wood, Helen; Taylor, Lisa; Feeling Sentimental about Television and Audiences 2008 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 47.3 144-151 details   openurl
Wlodarz, Jow Maximum Insecurity: Genre Trouble and Closet Erotics in and out of HBO'sOz 2005 Camera Obscura Oz; Genre; Closet Erotics; US; 1997-2003 58 (20.1) 59-105 details   openurl
Warner, Kristen J. The Gon' Think You Loud Regardless: Ratchetness, Reality Television, and Black Womanhood 2015 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Race; 88 (30.1) 129-153 details   openurl
Wang, Shujen Recontextualizing Copyright: Piracy, Hollywood, the State, and Globalization 2003 Cinema Journal Cinema; Copyright; Piracy; 43.1 25-43 details   openurl
Valentini, Paola Whodonit? Rai TV Fiction Production Between Detection andGiallo 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Rai Fiction; Genre; Production; Italy; XII/19 25-38 details   openurl
Tralli, Lucia There's Nothing Like an English Summer, Is There? Except and English Winter. Downton Abbey, A British Cult TV Series and Its Fandom 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Downton Abbey; Fandom Studies; XII/19 61-72 details   openurl
Tosatto, Cristina Re-Spatialization of Filmic Representation: Connected Spaces 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Space; 11 41-48 details   openurl
Tinic, Serra Introduction: Teaching Television in a Postnetwork Era 2011 Cinema Journal TV; Teaching TV; 50.4 157-160 details   openurl
Thompson, Ethan Comedy Verit_? The Observational Documentary Meets the Televisual Sitcom 2007 The Velvet Light Trap Television Comedies; Arrested Development; Curb Your Enthusiasm; 60 63-72 details   openurl
The Light Brigade The Filmic Experience: A Map 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Cinema; Experience; 11 65-68 details   openurl
Tasker, Yvonne Television Crime Drama and Homeland Security: FromLaw & Orderto “Terror TV” 2012 Cinema Journal TV; Terror TV; 51.4 44-65 details   openurl
Szostak, Sylwia Imitation, Borrowing, Recycling. American Models and Polish Domestic Drama 2012 Cinéma & Cie. Transnationalism; Poland; XII/19 73-92 details   openurl
Stenger, Josh The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom whenBufy the Vampire SlayerGoes to eBay 2006 Cinema Journal Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Costumes; Fandom Studies; 45.4 26-44 details   openurl
Steenberg, Lindsay; Tasker, Yvonne; “Pledge Allegiance”: Gendered Surveillance, Crime Television, andHomeland 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; Crime TV; Gender Studies; 54.4 132-138 details   openurl
Spigel, Lynn TV's Next Season? 2005 Cinema Journal TV; TV Studies; 45.1 83-90 details   openurl
Smit, Alexia Care, Shame, and Intimacy: Reconsidering the Pleasures of Plastic Surgery Reality Television 2014 Camera Obscura Reality TV; Pleasure; Intimacy; 86 (29.2) 59-83 details   openurl
Shapiro, Stephen Homeland's Crisis of Middle-Class Transformation 2015 Cinema Journal Homeland; 54.4 152-158 details   openurl
Scolari, Carlos A. Transmedia Storytelling: Implicit Consumers, Narrative Worlds, and Branding in Contemporary Media Production 2009 International Journal of Communication Storytelling; Transmediality; Branding; 3 586-606 details   openurl
Schneider, Alexandra The Cinema Is the Theater, the School and the Newspaper of Tomorrow>>: Writing the History of Cinema's Mobility 2008 Cinéma & Cie. Cinema; History; 11 57-64 details   openurl
Ryan, Marie Laurie Transmedial Storytelling and Transfictionality 2012 Poetics Today Storytelling; Transmediality; 34:03:00 361-388 details   openurl
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